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Chairkickers’ Union

Debridement is the second full-length release from Rivulets (a.k.a. Nathan Amundson), and not only does it surpass his (very good) debut album, it encapsulates it – adding meaning to it as well as moving beyond and beneath the scope of his former releases. It’s a stunningly quiet but tense and layered recording that brings together all those disparate elements that make Amundson one of the strongest and most unique voices on the slo-core scene. More fluid than Low’s jagged silence and more melodic than Remora’s crammed repetition, Amundson paints beautiful pictures of his brutally naked honesty. He whispers his lyrics for fear of what they are saying. He captures his truths in blankets of ghostly, frail reverb. The musical beauty on Debridement belies the lyrics’ cruel honesty, only to prove that there lies hope in baring yourself, in unleashing your inner demons. Amundson’s unique greatness consists not only in his ability to confront his personal struggles in a meaningful way, but to transcend them and find some sense of purpose in pain. Debridement is Amundson’s crowning achievement. It’s the most daring, heartbreakingly beautiful album you’ve heard since… well, his last one.

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