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Viva CuBop

Volume 3


Diehard and dilettante Latin jazz fans alike either know or really should know the quality work that Ubiquity’s imprint, CuBop, puts out. With incredibly talented artists like Francisco Aguabella, Snowboy, Papo Vazquez and Bobby Matos, CuBop has to be one of the last remaining labels that consistently puts out good Latin jazz. If you don’t believe me (and is there really any reason you should?), you need to check out the Viva CuBop series. Basically a sampler, this third installment works well as way of introduction to the imprint as well as an excellent disc in its own right and a party waiting to happen. Many people can embarrass themselves listening to this CD, knowing damned well they can barely meringue, let alone salsa dance. With the aforementioned artists along with Johnny Blas, Pucho and His Latin Soul Brothers, Jack Costanzo and Cuban Roots, what you have is an incredibly visceral compilation that brims with life – the way all music should be. It pumps adrenaline straight into your heart, puts a smile on your face and the boogie in your bones. This is not something to be missed.


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