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Rainer Truby, along with partners in crime Roland Appel and Christian Prommer, has been cock-teasing dance floor jazz fans for years now. Coming out with countless remixes, a few originals and compilations by the score (including Rainer’s Glucklich series), being lauded to the high heavens by the likes of Gilles Peterson and every other pretentious “in-the-know” bastard on the face of the planet, we’ve all been waiting forever for Truby Trio to finally drop their debut of original material. In fact, I have on more than one occasion searched frantically for it on-line and elsewhere, having sworn they must’ve produced one and I’d just simply missed it.

Well, I was wrong, and now we finally have it, Elevator Music. Of course, anticipation always puts a damper on the actual product. Remember when you were a virgin? And, just like sex, I was expecting this disc to be orgasmic. It isn’t, of course, and that’s my own baggage. In fact, Elevator Music is a goddamned good disc. It won’t blow you away because you already know the Trio’s style, but it will amaze. They’ve got that electro-jazz-Brazilian-breakbeat shit down. The sound is by no means tired, though a lot of folks are doing it now. You will enjoy, you will dance, you may even revel, simply because they are better than all the neophytes who are jumping on this bandwagon. “Jaleo” alone blows everybody else away. They’ve also brought in Wumni (for that Afro-funk flavor) and labelmate Joseph Malik. The end result is fantastic and a joy to listen to. No, you will not be picking up pieces of your cranium after listening to Elevator Music, but you’ll be hard-pressed to eject it from your CD player.

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