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Sunday Driver

A Letter to Bryson City


If Blink 182 are the soundtrack for a raucous high school drug ‘n’ sex extravaganza, A Letter to Bryson City is music for a slightly classier frat party. It’s punky and rocky, with a little too much Nickleback/Creed to keep it off generic rock radio stations if it ever gets popular enough to be considered for a playlist. In essence, this record is crap: it marries a weak “let’s type a letter” concept (typewriter sound samples? Check. Typewriter artwork? Check. A million references to letter-writing? Check.) with uninspired production and really lame rock ornamentation. The result is a deeply boring and unoriginal journey through the lowest common denominator of power-rock, oldies-rock and punk. It does nothing but rehash the dullness of everything from which it borrows. How did these guys get through recording this album without falling asleep?

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