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Arab on Radar

The Stolen Singles

Three One G

Collecting tracks from seven years’ worth of hard-to-find singles, this is a must for anyone into disturbed clown music, eerie hardcore disco played with madly grinning and super serious bravado. Arab on Radar’s catalogue of shit-faced music teetering on the edges of no wave and nonsense is well worth inspecting for those willing to give ludicrous genius a chance, and this is a good a place to start. This seven year overview is brilliant evidence that Arab on Radar have stayed true to their musical selves, allowing for further perfection and adding elements, but always sticking by their core sound of fucked-up, demented, angular weirdcore, full of time signatures only a tripping free-form jazz drummer could love. The angrily chirping, wasp-like guitars, the near-hysterical vocals, the syncopated rhythms, the whole crazed foundation of Arab on Radar make sure The Stolen Singles is anything but an easy listen. Yet, it’s a remarkably satisfying one, once you get used to hanging out in this weird, frenzied world of theirs.

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