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The Train Wreck is Behind You


Originally released in 2001, it appears that Rubric Records has reissued this particular album to coincide with Gingersol’s forthcoming release. The Train Wreck is Behind You is a collection of pop gems that skirt the borderland between Americana and solid rock n’ roll. Undeniably, the specter of great bands like the Replacements lurks over this album. Yet, unlike its forbears, this release hesitates to cut loose entirely and instead relies on mid-tempo rockers akin to classic Tim tracks like “Here Comes A Regular.” A cursory glance at the album’s insert reveals a total of fifteen tracks, making the prospective buyer question Rubric’s quality control methods. A quick listen will reveal there are no unwarranted tracks here. Most of the tracks are well under four minutes and few overstay their welcome. The tracks are well crafted, ranging from up-tempo jangly rockers to slow tempo tear-in-your-beer tracks. This is a gem of an album, a harbinger of the good things to come on Gingersol’s next release.

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