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Closer Than Kin

The Machineries of Breath

Punktuation / Arctic Music

Produced by Today is the Day main man Steve Austin, you know Boston-based hardcore punks Closer Than Kin’s debut album is going to be one pretty brutal affair. So it’s all the more satisfying to discover that there are some neat melodic touches hiding beneath the chaotic blastbeats and the strangling rhythmic despair. Steeped in classic hardcore, Closer Than Kin are as inspired by old-school punk as the current floods of metalcore, as evinced on the punk rush of tracks like “The Euphoria of Strangulation” and “Take The Green Line to Heart Break.”

The sonic complexities of most songs prove Closer Than Kin to be not only highly contemporary, but also eagerly branching out in every possible direction at all times. The Machineries of Breath shows a new band willing to stretch their limits and explore their abilities, and, in the process, their soul-searching guttural realms. “I can’t open up your mind, so I’ll open up your throat,” vocalist Nick Principe charmingly screams. Hey kid, chill. Grab a beer.

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