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Mr. Dibbs

The 30th Song


“Boy, what do they call you up in Philadelphia?”

“They call me, Mr. Dibbs!”

OK, obscure cultural references aside, I’m digging this album • because I really love DJ Vadim. Obviously, from listening to The 30th Song, you’ll feel that Dibbs is a fan as well. He has the same quirky sense of humor, the same dark tones, back-breaking beats and overall artistic sensibilities as does our favorite hip-hop Russian. And, yet, for some reason, though this album will constantly remind you of Vadim, I can’t imagine Vadim releasing this album.

Turntablist Dibbs has a sense of controlled chaos that stretches a bit beyond Vadim’s aesthetic nature. One gets the feeling that Dibbs will do anything to impress (including using porno samples). This man likes his shit rough, and he’ll cut you as soon as he would a record. His decks are on fire, a Transformer inferno. And Dibbs’ love for the blues, rock and funk will snap your neck with its raucous ferocity (his broken-beat, blues abstraction, “Delta Bound,” is fucking brilliant). The 30th Song is ear-bleedingly loud, blasphemously irreverent and totally balls-out. Pure Satanic pleasure.

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