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This World (Jazzanova-Compost). Review by Bill Campbell.


This World

Jazzanova / Compost

What happens when you combine a British broken beat producer (Domu or Dominic Stanton or Static Imprints or Sonar Circle or whatever else you want to call the man) and an Italian techno producer (Volcov, Enrico Crivellaro, or Isoul8)? Why, you get nu jazz, of course. While the beats are definitely pounding all throughout This World, fortunately the techno has been buried deep beneath the mantle of this project. Instead, Stanton and Crivellaro have decided to unearth the rich, fusion sounds of early Weather Report and Azymuth (especially in such instrumental tracks as “Bonkers” and “Modern Times”), while giving us that deep, soulful nu jazz sound for which Compost is known.

This World is a jazzy gem that shows (just like Jazzanova, P’Taah and the like) just how vital and vibrant this new jazz hybrid can be. It is full of drive and vitality and class — like a finely cultivated palate. This duo has chosen its vocalists extremely well: Julie Dexter, on “Let It Go,” sounds oddly like a Diana Ross with talent; Cida de Assis drives the vibrant dance track “O Vento Dira” with her electrifying voice; Georg Levin neo-souls up the joint on “Subdued”; and Nicola Kramer truly makes both versions of “So Sweet.” Kaidi Tatham and Mark de Clive Lowe also contribute to the project, helping to make This World an incredibly thrilling adventure.

Jazzanova / Compost Records:

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