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Charles Feelgood

Across America: Sixeleven DJ Mixseries V. 5

611/System Recordings

Baltimore/DC house DJ Charles Feelgood really lives up to his adopted name on this bad boy. Following other fantastic mixes by Derrick Carter, Frankie Bones and Nigel Richards, Dr. Charles drops the listener smack in the middle of a 2 o’clock dancefloor and doesn’t let go. A prisoner to euphoria, these are some bars you’ll rejoice being behind. Feelgood starts disco, goes deep, skirts techno, dips his toes in Latin and always leaves you panting for more. Great, relentless music by the DJ himself, Rick Garcia, Conga Squad, the Floorfillerz and Nigel Richards; this and DJ Jani’s Hotel Arena have to be the best house mixes I’ve heard so far this year.

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