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Wonder What’s Next


Simply put, Chevelle’s latest release, Wonder What’s Next, is so good! It’s heavy, melodious, sad, powerful, has just the right amount of screaming and the band members are incredibly attractive. It is everything a girl could want in a post-hardcore album. My own crush aside, Chevelle is a trio of brothers from Chicago who started their career like most bands•playing in their friends’ backyards. They released their first album Point #1 on Squint Entertainment and were quickly signed by Epic Records. While Wonder What’s Next is clearly influenced by hardcore metal legends like Helmet, Tool and Earshot, Chevelle manage to create their own distinct sound, mainly through the powerful vocals of Pete Loeffler.

Wonder What’s Next opens with “Family System.” Beginning with a Tool-like riff interrupted by crunching guitars and thunderous drums, Loeffler’s voice hits the listener right away. It sounds like he’s crying, screaming and laughing all at the same time. The emotion pours through him, instantly striking the listener. “Comfortable Liar” is a stirring hardcore non-ballad, with the song’s title being constantly repeated throughout. The first two singles, “Send the Pain Below” and “The Red,” are obvious highlights and are typical Chevelle songs. Other notable tracks include “Grab Thy Hand”, a song about walking with God (or Jesus) and the title track, a Korn-influenced song wherein Loeffler analyzes his career as a musician. Perhaps the best track on Wonder What’s Next is the closer, “One Lonely Visitor”, an eerie, love-lost ballad: “To breathe used to be another / Way I’d take you in / Well it’s time to wake up / And separate feelings/That I keep falling into.” The song opens and closes with the question “Am I alone in here?” echoing creepily.

Wonder What’s Next is eleven tracks of non-commercial, unique music that will appeal to hardcore, metal and even indie fans. With Wonder What’s Next, Chevelle have established themselves a secure spot in the post-hardcore music scene. I can safely say that Wonder What’s Next is worth the money and you will not be disappointed. Chevelle will be touring this summer with the Ozzfest, so be sure to check out their tour dates.


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