• Norway Calling

    Norway Calling

    Norway has a thriving jazz scene fueled by an obsession with innovation and generous support for the arts. Let’s take a look at three recent releases that explore the range of new sounds from Norway.

  • John 5 and the Creatures

    John 5 and the Creatures

    John 5 and the Creatures give a class in Guitar God 101 at the Social.

  • Year in Review

    Year in Review

    Michelle Wilson wraps up the year with some short takes!

  • R.I.P.


    Street Reaper (Brave in the Grave). Review by Bob Pomeroy.

  • Here Lies Man

    Here Lies Man

    Here Lies Man. Review by Bob Pomeroy.

  • Mac Sabbath

    Mac Sabbath

    Black Sabbathy beachballs and bacon – Mac Sabbath and American Party Machine deliver a meal of hot grease and cheese with a side of middle fingers.

  • Danzig


    Skeletons. Review by Joe Frietze.

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