The Trembling

The Trembling

Seduce The Government

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The Trembling deliver on the promise of their one-track split with New Grenada, and this 6-track EP proves to be a stunningly exciting acquaintance with one of the more invigorating punk bands of late. Remaining just on the right side of annoying, The Trembling’s lo-fi punk is jagged and stabbed, offering fiery single-note guitar playing, aggressively gliding bass and some dynamically tense playing that perfectly captures the urgent potential of the band’s songs.

Despite being two-thirds male, The Trembling is abrasive and proud riot grrrl punk, angular and twitched music out on a crusade. From the brilliant garage of “Catch Up” to the frenzied “Words Are Getting Stuck,” The Trembling evokes visions of Bikini Kill, Pixies and the Clash, all the while carving out a beautifully angular world of their own.

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