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Robert Belfour

Pushin’ My Luck

Fat Possum

Mississippi bluesman Robert Belfour perfectly exemplifies all that is right with the blues and the reason that, if it must be blues, make mine Fat Possum. There’s an authenticity on Pushin’ My Luck (and on so many other Fat Possum releases) that is hard to find. A polish that is not overproduced and a rawness that doesn’t sound like an anthropological Lomax field recording. Yet, Belfour’s world-weary voice and masterful guitar playing throw you smack in the middle of a hip-grinding, foot-stomping, North Mississippi several hangovers away from Paradise. Belfour’s so gritty, you can taste the dirt. His music’s so infectious, it has got to be penicillin-resistant. The album is so beautiful, it’s hard to tear away from. I don’t know what an instant classic could possibly be, but I’ll put my vote in for Belfour’s Pushin’ My Luck.

Fat Possum:

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