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The Eaves

The Eaves

Ace Fu

The Eaves debut album opens with two beautiful tracks of bliss-pop. “Summer Gold” and “Special Feeling” both bring back memories of Lush’s Spooky. Drum and bass grooves create tunnels and caves of sound in which guitars and keyboards clash and reverberate in a quest for aural supremacy. It’s been a long time since I’ve heard this sound done this well.

The Lush similarities aren’t solely limited to the instrumentation. Singer Jen Adam’s voice approaches Lush’s Miki Berenyi’s heavenly voice-as-instrument delivery. Adam’s voice remains a lovely constant throughout the album, even though the remaining songs slightly fail to live up to the brilliance of the two openers. “Bird Lawyer” is an amalgamation of Blondie and early New Order, complete with a keyboard breakdown completely copped from The Legend of Zelda II (!). “Oars to Heaven” floats on twinkling piano clouds, playing with math equations to change its time signatures. It’s a fun listen. Not too many bands are making music like this these days and I’d venture to guess none are doing it better than the Eaves.

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