Girls of Zaetar

Girlz of Zaetar

Fear of Rehearsal

Weird concept. Rewarding result. With a 23 person line-up, Girlz of Zaetar exists somewhere in-between a sex-crazed Sly, a meditative Femi Kuti and a drawling Captain Beefheart, creating music that is at once excruciatingly pretentious and wonderfully listenable. The 35-minute-long “Gods” is so commercially suicidal it’s beautiful. Even musically, after its first few faltering steps, it proves to be a wonderful track; a gliding chant that extends above and beyond itself to end up in some absurd Hindi love parade.

The three subsequent tracks are much shorter (both in length and in scope), and fail to engage on the same level — although they do prove the band’s musical diversity and ability to maintain interest. In a musical field where too many acts tend to end up in dead-end jams, Girlz of Zaetar use their musical abilities to communicate with their audience. Fear of Rehearsal is a wonderful testament to this free, generous spirit, and is as spontaneous as its title suggests.

Girlz of Zaetar:

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