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Rose Falcon

Rose Falcon


Okay, big shot, don’t be all sniffing at my girl Rose Falcon, okay? So what if her big song, “Up Up Up,” was a huge hit on the Disney Channel because it’s on the Inspector Gadget 2 soundtrack? It’s still one of the best singles of the year, pure bubblegum blast of optimistic pop energy! “Dance dance dance, have some fun / 6 5 4 3 2 1 / Get up, get up!” And she wrote it herself! My kids love it so much they sang it all the way to North Carolina and back, four days in the car, until we were all singing it.

The rest of the record isn’t quite as good, but that’s okay, because there are only seven other songs. Some of the songs are ironic, like the social commentary “Looks Are Everything,” about how pretty girls are always supposed to have their act together even if they’re dying inside, sung as only a pretty pop-star girl can sing. Some are very sad, like “Best Friend,” written by Rose about her mother who died when she was a baby. Some are sorta downtempo chillout (“Why’d You Say That”), some are kinda techno-pop (“Breathe”), some rip off riffs from Doobie Brothers songs (“Looks Are Everything”). All of them are just about as substantial as an air sandwich, but they all taste pretty good.

It kind of helps when your father is a country songwriter/session guy, and here Billy Falcon does his daughter proud. But the fact that his co-written songs aren’t as good as “Up Up Up,” which she wrote herself, means something… I just don’t know exactly what yet. Hmmm. I’ll have to think about that.

Or else I won’t, because I’ll be too busy dancing around to “Fun” or “Up Up Up.” So you music snobs can go take a hike. Me and my kids, we like Rose.

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