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Sixty Stories

Anthem Red


The second album from Sixty Stories sees the trio replacing bassist Keli Martin with Sarah Sangster. But in all other respects the band continues what they so brilliantly begun on Different Places To Sit/A Loveless Kiss, expanding the sounds of that album, while moving in a slightly more intricate direction, all the while retaining their punky pop-edge.

Vocalist/guitarist Jo Snyder’s lyrics still revolve around those painful meetings between humans, using private, even intimate moments to make sociopolitical commentaries on a world barely holding together. There’s a desperation throughout, underlined by Snyder’s calm vocal delivery contrasted with the ferocious snarl of the music, fighting its way forward through sudden twists and turns.

A continuation of what came before, only better. Anthem Red is another solid album from this young trio, a beautifully snarling album showing a band in full bloom. Now, if only the rest of the world would catch on.

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