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The United Nations of Future Music

Volume: 02


For those of you still unaware of the excruciatingly fantastic sounds coming out of the Om stable, I don’t know what the hell you’re waiting for. Om’s musicians consistently come out with intoxicating music that bangs the dancefloor and pleases the listening-at-home eardrum. They are consummate artists with footholds in the past, present and, yes, future. There are depths here being plumbed by few others on this vast planet of ours.

Volume 2 of The United Nations showcases such talents as King Kooba, J Boogie, Kaskade, People under the Stairs and Afro-Mystik. It also features new acts Rithma (whose debut is utterly fantastic), Clayton & Fulcrum, Grande Synthe and Late Night Alumni. From hip-hop to San Francisco soul to nu jazz, it is hard to find a group of acts with more talent on one label. This is a fantastic compilation with a wonderful array of music that moves and grooves you. It really is hard to beat.

Om Records:

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