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Capitol Years are beginning to look ever more like a band. And they sound the part too. While Capitol Years’ previous release, the remarkable Meet Yr Acres, is marked by a looseness that belies the one-man-band approach, this short-ish EP offers proof as to how Shai really wants things to sound – this is a live album in all possible meanings of the term, apart from the actual technical definition.

While this is a far more rocking affair than the last one, Capitol Years still sets itself miles apart from what your regular hip “The”-band of today is up to. This is more psych-pop influenced, while still retaining the raucousness and snotty arrogance of that first album. “Jet Black” is a great opener, working as a fine introduction to the Capitol Years of today. Yet, it’s songs like “Lucky Strike” and “River Raid” that really define the ‘new’ Capitol Years. A surprisingly effective change to the better. No small feat.

Capitol Years:

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