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Heidi Stone



On her second album, Heidi Stone proves that she’s a solid folk-y singer-songwriter with an eye towards slight sonic experiments. However, she prefers to stay pretty much on the middle of the loner-with-guitar road. Some of the songs, like the bittersweet “Fine,” are pretty effective and evocative, but much of the material is a tad below standard and seems to have lost quite a bit of life in the studio. The slow, lazy tracks are the best ones, with melodies that silently sway and drift in and around the subdued and tender playing. On the more upbeat tracks, a sense of energy and humor seem to be missing from songs that sorely need it – check out “Scary (Christopher Walken).” Stone has an impressive range, and her songs vary from blues to singer-songwriter to light, jazzy folk, but she may in fact be overreaching. She has a lovely, relaxed voice and an easy way with words, but this one still leaves a bit to be desired.

Heidi Stone:

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