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We Are Scientists

Safety, Fun and Learning (In That Order)

OK, it looks like these guys really are scientists, and at least the drummer (Michael Tapper) got through engineering school. But times are tight, and starting a band is good way to kill some time until the economy picks up. We Are Scientists (WAS) have a nice, pop-ish bar band sound – not too bad to listen to while shooting pool or chatting up the waitress. They might even have a potential hit lurking in their future, although right now the music is in the “decently competent” category and a bit gimmicky with all the geek love references. On “The Method,” WAS advises us to “Remember, when you’re part of the Scientific Scene, the greatest monster is love.” Well, maybe, but it’s not THAT big a problem compared to tenure or grant writing.

Still, we uncover small flashes of brilliance, such as the touching “Mothra vs. We Are Scientists” with its pleasant harmonies over a Bass/Lead/Drums trio. Another song with a nascent hook, “Human Technology Will Render You Obsolete,” features Chris Cain’s competent vocals reminding us, “You’ll ask about us when we’re gone.” That’s a possibility, of course.

WAS is competent, listenable and grows on you. Whether they’ll make it to a college radio hot rotation is open, but their hearts and guitar strings are in the right place, and I wish them well.

We Are Scientists:

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