Plan A Project

Plan A Project

Plan A Project


Hard-hitting street punk from Go-Kart stalwarts Plan A Project. They’re still not particularly original, and their playing isn’t too impressive either, but they have this direct, abrasive energy that rather brilliantly punctuates their songs. Influenced by Oi! and hardcore, this is still pretty much feel-good punk rock, even earning comparisons to early-day The Clash. Plan A Project sing about the strength in unity rather than the shitty society they see around them, and this emphasis is perfectly underlined by the dueling vocals and the band’s Duracell power rush. And at well under thirty minutes, this one does anything but outstay its welcome. It may not be a whole lot different from what you’d expect it to be, but there’s a passion and a sense of hard-edged necessity that still makes Plan A Project stand out from a crowd.

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