The Sound of the Crowd

B5 fans enjoy the idea…

…of a potential President Clark. For those of you who didn’t watch Babylon 5, well, first of all, why not? But to explain, you see, a key though mostly unseen villain of that series was a President Clark. Except that one was a corrupt murderer, and this one (the real one) might just be the best chance we have to lick Bush in 2004.

I could really get behind a Wesley Clark candidacy, if it weren’t for the one big question mark hanging over his head, namely that he’s never held elective office before. Which is one of the big reasons to feel nauseated about Arnie taking California, and if the Governorship shouldn’t be an entry-level position, should the presidency?

Granted, Clark’s record is just a little bit more serious than Schwarzenegger’s–you didn’t see him starring in Batman & Robin, did you? Anyway, here’s a thoughtful article from Slate asking if Clark is too earnest, and how much that will help and hinder him.

I like earnestness in my music, provided it gives room for warmth and enthusiasm as well, but I can see how it might be a liability in a candidate/president.

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