The Sound of the Crowd

New definition of irony

As one or two of you know, Penn of & Teller has been much too much of an influence on my personality at times. But he’s still really cool. Read this interview at Filmforce and see if you don’t agree.

But also, notice that at the top of the second page in which Penn talks about his dislike of alcohol–he’s a lifelong teetotaler–and how he doesn’t like to be associated with it in any way…well, they put that paragraph right next to an ad for Absolut.

This is the best definition of irony since the amateur director of my play in Tennesee this year complained when the producer made a change without her permission. After she had let her diva actors wipe their asses with my dialogue and characters.

But enough about me and my issues–for now–go read the interview.

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