The Sound of the Crowd

Hey, get me, I got a blog!

Well folks, if it’s true that in the future everybody will have a blog for 15 minutes, mine start now. This is intended to be a repository of assorted thoughts on music, television, movies, anything I can think of to annoy Buffy fans, the media, politics, bits of gossip, maybe a little bit on comic books & comic strips, oh goodness and regular books too…old time radio programs…and last but not least, getting Arnie the fuck out of my home state.

I’ll occasionally be recommending material that I’m not reviewing in full over at Ink 19 proper, and of course I’ll be mentioning when those full reviews do go up.

My blog title, BTW, is derived from the classic Human League song. “Get around town, No need to stand proud, Add your voice to the sound of the crowd.” Which is what I’ll be trying to do.


Recently on Ink 19...

Drumming with Dead Can Dance

Drumming with Dead Can Dance

Print Reviews

Ink 19’s Roi J. Tamkin reviews Drumming With Dead Can Dance and Parallel Adventures, Peter Ulrich’s memoir of an artistic life fueled by Brendan Perry and Lisa Gerrard’s remarkable friendship.

The House that Screamed

The House that Screamed

Screen Reviews

Macabre masterpiece The House that Screamed gets a stunning Blu-ray makeover, revealing a release good enough to convert non-believers. Phil Bailey reviews.

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