The Sound of the Crowd

Not so fab? Nonsense.

So last night the Fab Five of Bravo’s Queer Eye for the Straight Guy–AKA the best show on television–appeared on NBC’s Good Morning, Miami. Nevertheless, as notes here “the sitcom could only muster a third place 7.3/10 – 25 percent below its Frasier lead-in.” It further goes on to ask the question “Could it be that we’re beginning to tire of the Fab Five now that the summer is over?”

Could be, but I think the fact that Good Morning, Miami is–based on two eps last year and now this–a truly awful show might have had something to do with it. Really, it’s a terrible rip-off of NewsRadio, and is to Will & Grace what Jessie and Veronica’s Closet were to Friends.

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