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Secondary Protocol

Stones Throw

Recently, I’ve been reading some first-hand WWII testimonies, where veterans constantly try to convey the impossibility of conveying the true experience of ground combat: bullets, shells, bodies flying everywhere. The utter chaos. An aural equivalent would have to be Wildchild. This Lootpacker has the rapid-fire Tommy gun delivery with a more well-rounded “Battle Rhyme of the Republic” message. The mad genius Madlib bears the brunt of the production duties with Oh No taking up the rear. Some of your underground faves – Aceyalone, Tha Liks, Planet Asia and Vinia Mojica – make their formidable appearances. The end result is one of the tightest hip-hop albums to bang its head against 2003’s wall. Wildchild sprays his words with a fearsome rapid precision that really makes you wonder if he’s not one of the better MCs out there right now. If Lootpack’s Soundpieces didn’t convince you, Secondary Protocol certainly will.

Stones Throw:

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