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What Sister Sonny reminds me of is nothing so much as a less-extreme version of My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult. Like them, Sister Sonny mix electronics with more basic instrumentation to create a sound which has a personal touch, but unlike that band’s Amityville Horror-house, is surprisingly lifeless.

The material is always just a little bit off, leaving you with the feeling you get when you see someone whose glasses are just askew: An urge to correct, married to a certain indefinable wariness. There’s also a feeling of pointlessness which creeps into this moody and atmospheric, by no means useless but neither necessary, set.

The Bandit Lab grows on you with repeated listening and rewards careful attention, but Sister Sonny still doesn’t seem like the kind of band you’ll be talking about in excited phone conversations with your friends. Another Brian Eno-influenced space rock band, their records are collages of atmospheric production, almost always interesting but rarely exciting.

Five One Inc.:

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