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From start to finish, the songs on this album spotlight variety, from the dance pop of “Close Your Eyes” to the ethereal “All Because Of You.” They stop along the way to welcome the calm jam of “The One,” the gently rocking “Good Folks” and the purer pop/rock of “He And She.”

Keyboardist and backup vocalizer Dwayne Keith looks to be the Lindsey Buckingham of this group; he has a hand in every song, co-writing most with vocalist Jennifer Nobel. He writes some himself as well, with bass player Eric O’Dell and guitarist Brett Kull also pitching in on a few.

Four production teams on one album almost guarantees a lack of cohesion, and although Grey Eye Glances have taken steps to try to avoid this, it is what they were left with. None of the songs are really badly produced; still, the result is a record that is less than the sum of its parts. But there’s quite a lot to some of those parts.

“Close Your Eyes” is almost the catchiest song on the album, a strong track reminiscent of Blush 66 (look ‘em up, they were fabulous). The “almost” qualifier comes courtesy of “Big Red Boat,” which is the catchiest song on the album. How catchy? It sounds like Blondie covering Peter Schilling. That catchy. The fact that this song didn’t end up battling R. Kelly and Red Hot Chili Peppers in the top ten is proof yet again that music was, too, better when I was 11, dag nab it. When I was a boy, we had good music. New Wave music. None of this damn “urban” crap you kids have today…but forgive me, I digress…

Grey Eye Glances:

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