Danko Jones

Danko Jones

Born A Lion


Canada’s Danko Jones have torn up concert scenes back home and all across Europe for several years now, and have released three albums along the way. This is their first album to be unleasheed on an American audience, however, and it’s about time the trio brought their swaggering hard rock to the States. Born a Lion is a huge and raucous album of hard-hitting pub rock, dominated by Danko’s massive guitar riffs and manic vocals, trailing fifty years of rock ‘n’ roll and blues, singing lines you swear have been ripped from old Delta blues songs.

Subtle it’s not; we get 11 tracks of riff-manic, hard blues rawk in the vein of Jon Spencer and AC/DC, played with passion and arrogance. A live act above all, Danko Jones is still a fun studio band, if only for a game of “spot the influence.” It’s huge, loud and derivative as hell. It’s absolutely impossible to resist.

Simba Recordings: http://www.simbarecordings.com/

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