Dear John Letters

Dear John Letters

Stories of Our Lives


Centered around multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Robb Benson, Dear John Letters’ third full-length album establishes the band as an ever more unique force in American indie rock. They may recall bands like Guided by Voices and the Weakerthans, but they still manage to bring something new and fresh to an overcrowded genre. A few tracks on here are certainly reminiscent of R.E.M., Benson even sounding like a young and eager Michael Stipe on “Creation Myth” and “Bipolar.” Although, an even more present influence is David Bowie — from the Hunky Dory-like “Sorry to Sorry” to the acoustic psych-folk of the title track. Inspirations and influences aside, Dear John Letters have no problem coming through on their own premises. Benson’s voice is unique and energetic, and the performances on here are always insistent and engaging. Dear John Letters are growing more confident and clever with each album, and Stories of Our Lives proves the Seattle quartet to be at the top of its game.

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