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Twisted Method

Escape From Cape Coma


Cape Coral, FL’s Twisted Method is another bunch of teenagers playing angry songs about the difficulties of being spoiled middleclass brats. They spent this summer playing OzzFest and basking in the fact that the mighty giant of MCA threw themselves at the band following a couple of impressive local gigs. Now, despite mingling with the dreaded rap-metal crowd, Twisted Method aren’t actually all that bad. They have a couple of pretty decent songs on here, and extra points are given for having influences that stretch beyond the compulsory Mudvayne and Slipknot references that include Rage Against the Machine and even, in some of the album’s more confusing parts, 1980s LA metal.

The band’s performances aren’t always too impressive, but hey, it’s nothing the expensive production won’t cover up. And both vocalist Derrick “Tripp” Tribbett and drummer Ben Goins are energetic and even impressive throughout. However, this is still a case of a major label jumping on a young band far too early. Had Twisted Method been given another year to get their stuff together and to come up with some more solid material (this album is jam-packed with rushed filler material), Escape From Cape Coma would surely have been a much more mature and punishing set. As it stands, it’s sadly unfulfilling, containing too many droll moments of imitation, and an overall tone of lackluster anonymity, as if the band found itself caught in some giant machine, unable to control what was happening to it, being reduced to the role of an abused spectator to its own destiny. Oh, wait…!

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