San Francisco Sessions – Soundtrack to the Soul


Long after the childhood complaint has been silenced by adult realization, it’s still hard to come to terms with the fact that some kids just don’t play fair. They stack the deck, get all the best hitters, the biggest, fastest kid to play running back, etc. We loathe them for it, but a small-to-large part of us wants them to pick us for their team. Major labels are like that, and so many smaller labels can only wish to be more like them.

But, then you have labels like San Francisco’s Om, who can smash the big kids in the mouth. They counter pap with superior product. They’ve got some pretty big kids on their own team, too: Mark Farina, King Kooba, Rithma, King Britt, People under the Stairs and, yes, Kaskade. These folks are loads better than most any team out there today.

Kaskade may be new, but he is an integral part of the Om team. Following up his critically-acclaimed debut, It’s You, It’s Me, the man has released a damned good mix CD. A one-hour compression of what must be one hell of a Kaskade set, San Francisco Sessions is a circular party ready to be plopped into your player. It’s packed with 14 previously unreleased tracks and mixes that bounce with Om’s signature San Fran sound. Soulful house never sounded so good. There’s the exquisite “I Need Your Love” by Harrison Crump, Jay-J and Halo’s infectious disco house cut “Making My Heart,” Kaskade’s “It’s You, It’s Me” and impressive tracks by Michelle Weeks, Late Night Alumni and Audiowhore. It’s a powerful and compelling mix that reverberates with urgency. And a great teaser. We all have to see Kaskade spin live. How many big label DJs can you say that about?

Om Records: http://www.om-records.com/

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