Peter Rauhofer

Peter Rauhofer

Live @ Roxy2


It’s the return of Our Good Friend the Incessant Beat.

Peter Rauhofer is one of the most well-known names in dance music today, thanks to his work with artists ranging from Pet Shop Boys to Yoko Ono to Jessica Simpson. He is a believer in the gods of dance, and this compilation is his latest testament, recorded “on the floor” at the Roxy in NYC.

Disc One has one big negative in its first half, that being a disappointingly inferior remix-by ATFC, not Rauhofer-of Moby’s “In This World.” I prefer the more chilled-out original. This is balanced somewhat by the presence of DJ Ohzee & The Butcha’s “Execute Now!” and Praise Cats “Shined On Me,” both of which are digital disco at its most dewy. Disc Two features a new Rauhofer dub mix of Ono’s “Walking On Thin Ice” that’s different from those which appeared on the record of earlier this year. Unfortunately, it’s getting a little stale, too. Rauhofer gets a look in as a recording artist on two tracks that round out each disc, “Unique” and “This Is My House,” respectively. Both are memorable, though the latter is more immediately impressive.

Rauhofer is a name well worth knowing, but unless you’re gonna dance and dance fierce, this set isn’t a must. Some of the tracks are interesting, and all of them are well-mixed, but it’ll still be more attractive to aspiring DJs than as house music for your own house. It carries with it a certain, unavoidable problem common to most DJ collections: What the hell do you do with it away from the floor?

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