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Haymarket Riot / Hitch

Split 7”

What Else?

This is the seventh split release from the folks at What Else? Records. The Hitch track, “Simple Mechanics,” sounds kind of like Fugazi crossed with Rites of Spring – in other words, a less mathematical and more daring version of Fugazi. The guitar and bass melodies are really awkward and weird, and the drums are off-kilter. Yet, it all comes together to make for a really crushing song.

Haymarket Riot’s “One Screw to Split in Two” is probably my favorite of the two, sounding like At The Drive In or Mars Volta, without the spastic vocals and with a more subtle song structuring. I’ve always found ATDI/Mars Volta to be kind of vulgar, in that their songs are way too over the top. Haymarket Riot, however, seems to have found a way to tastefully play spastic melodic emo-core without going too far.

This is a very good set of songs, and is a very smart buy. There are only 500 of these babies being pressed, so record collector nerds take note!

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