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Chicken Lips



DJ-Kicks is a series from !K7 Records, showcasing house/dance artists and producers by letting them mix their own selection of records into !-worthy CDs. The first I heard, by Nightmares On Wax back in 2000 (dear god, has it really been that long?), took time to grow on me. Chicken Lips did not have the same problem.

Who am I kidding? They had me at “Bubble Bunch.” You heard me, “Bubble Bunch.” How bad could this CD be? It showcases Jellybean’s 12” mix – the first he ever did – of that Jimmy Spicer track, Colourbox, Nina Hagen, Gwen “Ain’t Nothin’ Goin’ on But” Guthrie and George Duke’s “Brazilian Love Affair.”

And that’s just the stuff that I knew was gonna be good before I even heard the music. Okay, I didn’t know, but I had a pretty good goddamn idea. I hadn’t even heard the electro of Warp 9, Sharon Redd’s “Beat The Street (instrumental),” or The Raincoats’ post-punk.

And then there’s Chicken Lips own “Bad Skin,” “You’re Not Ready Yet” and “Wind Ya Neck In,” 12” mixes of smooth dance music with hints of country and other elements that should be hits. So does somebody want to tell me what Basement Jaxx is doing at the top of the charts instead of Chicken Lips? Oh yeah, life’s fair.

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