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Angie Aparo

For Stars and Moon

Angie Aparo rose to prominence when country diva Faith Hill covered his song “Cry” in 2002. However, the success of the song for Hill wasn’t enough to save Aparo’s deal with Arista/Melisma after poor sales of his debut effort The American. But no doubt flush from his royalty income from “Cry,” Aparo is carrying on regardless.

For Stars and Moon is much less polished than the Matt Serletic-produced The American, and it has a more organic sound that better suits Aparo’s warm voice and simple singer-songwriter tunes. The delicate ballad “Broken” is probably closest in style to his earlier material, whereas opener “Hard Woman,” with its harmonica flourishes and down-home vibe, marks a new direction.

Aparo has clearly been listening to a lot of Beatles albums during the recording of For Stars and Moon, as “Someday,” “Shine On” and “Love” hint at. Yet, Angie’s trademark melodies are all over tunes like “Sweet Loretta,” “She’s Alright by Me” and “Child of the Revolution.”

I doubt For Stars and Moon will see this bald-headed musician from Atlanta return to the heights his career reached a couple of years ago, but this is an album made on Aparo’s terms.

Angie Aparo:

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