Hollow Laughter Of The Echo Chamber

Hollow Laughter Of The Echo Chamber

FAIR has put out a media advisory about those funny WMD jokes Bush’s been telling. It’s the same performance that I referenced here a few days ago (perhaps unsubtly, I compared Bush to Denethor in LotR).

It’s a well-written piece, ending with the pointed observation that:

“The problem is not that someone told a joke about WMD. It’s that as the chief purveyor of the WMD falsehood, which resulted in the deaths of hundreds of Americans and thousands of Iraqis, it is beyond bad taste for George W. Bush to joke about WMD. It’s the difference between a comedian making a joke about O.J. Simpson looking for Nicole Brown Simpson’s “real killer,” and O.J. Simpson making the same joke.”

All this also reminds me that, as anyone who has read many of the books on Bush knows, this is a man who also mocked a woman on death row whom he was about to kill, in his role as Governor of Texas. Now, I lean towards being against the death penalty but it’s not one of my big issues. But I think we can agree it’s not something that should be treated lightly and callously by those agents of the state responsible.

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