The Tim Version

The Tim Version

Prohibition Starts Tomorrow


This second full-length album from Tampa, FL punks the Tim Version stumbles convincingly and exhaustingly along on the borderline between sociopolitical rants and sheer drunken confusion. The album title hints at their pub rocking roots, as do the album’s opening and closing tracks (“March 22nd is National ‘Quit Your Job’ Day” and “March 23rd is National ‘You’re Fired’ Day,” respectively). But the Tim Version is not your regular breed of droll drunk punks; this is ambitious if ramshackle rock ‘n’ roll played with an arrogant, wicked snarl.

From the metal riffage of “Stale Coffee” to the call-to-arms “Let the Bastardization Begin,” the Tim Version are on a crusade against everyday boredom. “The Natural Light Theory” sounds like early-day Hot Water Music falling apart over a blistering punk ‘n’ roll track, while “Swinging Doors” is a wonderful version of the Merle Haggard track. “Dungeons and Dragqueens,” meanwhile, is just plain weird, and great.

Loosely based around the theme of a droll work life and the need to escape form it all, Prohibition Starts Tomorrow is fun with a mission; a solid punk rock album of unpretentious punk rock, played with passion, purpose and a stylish swagger. Great stuff.

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