The Sound of the Crowd

What was she thinking?

As Lucianne and Drudge are having a field day reporting, “Alexandra Kerry, 30-year-old daughter of US Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry, walked up Cannes’ celebrated red-carpet for the premiere of Quentin Tarantino’s “Kill Bill 2” wearing an off-shoulder black number that turned transparent under the flashes.”

It seems likely she didn’t realize how see-through the dress would be under a bright spotlight. We know being able to see women’s legs fortells Democratic victory; but what the hell does it mean when we can see the breasts of a candidate’s daughter?

Maybe it’s a new advertising campaign.

“The Kerry campaign is going to see through the race.”

“Bush vs. my dad–the choice is as obvious as my…”

“The reasons to re-elect Bush are just as flimsy as…”

“My dad’s policies are well-defined. Just like my…”

Maybe it’s just a conversation starter, something to use to engage voters. “You think this is shameless, let’s talk about the so-called “stabilization” of Iraq.”

Maybe–we can hope, can’t we?–it’s a calculated effort to force the Bush girls into retaliation.

(Let’s see if I beat Stewart or Letterman to any punches tonight…)

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