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Scars of the Crucifix


Deicide, Florida’s little Satanists, are back with a new album. Is it heavy? Yes. Is it fast? Yes. Is it blasphemous? Yes. It’s Deicide. If that’s all you need, by all means go buy this album right now. You will cherish it. However, after repeat listens, Scars of the Crucifix seems a bit lacking in substance. In other words, Glen Benton doesn’t have much to say. Sure, he hates Jesus and Christians and God. Oh, and he loves Satan too. Is that it? Apparently, as there is only one song that does not have blatantly religious themes. Whatever happened to the Glen Benton of old, who sung so sweetly of Mr. Jones and Dead by Dawn? His Christ-bashing has also lost a lot of its wit, coming off pretty forced. The line “kick your ass out through the lord’s pearly gates” is just laughable, so is “behead you with the Bible.” I mean… come on, Glen. That’s just silly. Now, this all assumes that you’re the type of death metal connoisseur, like me, who pays attention to lyrics.

Even considering some of the stupid lyrics and the unoriginality of some of the music, Scars of the Cross is still a good album. The vocals are trademark Deicide, with absolutely amazing overdubbed growls. The production is very strong and very clear. The guitar solos, particularly on the title track, are excellent, recalling None So Vile-era Cryptopsy. Scars of the Cross may not break any new ground – and is far from being a masterpiece – but it’s still a good, quality listen. It’s Deicide for Christ’s sake!

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