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High Tone Son of a Bitch -wt Better You Than Me -wl Unknown Controller -wf This four-song EP is a promising start for this Bay Area group. Comparisons to Kyuss, early Judas Priest and Thin Lizzy abound around the ‘net, but HTSOB already have an identity of their own. The guitars are handled by brothers Paul and Drew Kott, and they range from fuzz-filled riffs to high-flying jams to catchy hooks. The title track encapsulates all of the qualities magnificently. Scott Wagner’s vocals surpass the average nu-metal vocalist clogging the airwaves in that he complements the other players, mixes well without distracting from the music. Andee Connors (drums) and Ron Nichols (bass) need to handle the rhythm with fury to match the Kotts, and they more than manage. The bluesy “Last Dance” is a prime example. However, according to their label, both Connors and Wagner have moved on since the recording of this EP. -wm Here is hoping that HTSOB can show some more range with a full album. While I immediately grooved to Better You Than Me, after a few listens, I was ready to move on due to lack of variety. The songs they do, they do well. But I have a feeling there is more to this band than they are letting on. I can’t wait to hear it. -wd Unknown Controller: -wb Joe Frietze

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