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Yes! Serotonin’s Future Anterior is right up my alley, and it’s got more jagged edges than the remains of a broken window. I must live in cave, as this is their 12th release, yet this is the first time I’ve ever heard of them. Nevertheless, I’m glad I’ve found them, as I now have a new favorite band to follow and pick up old releases.

Future Anterior is kind of a mixed bag of sounds and influences. The songs range from the spastic and violent, to the sublime and melodic. On several occasions, these guys sound like a cross between label mates The Ladderback and Drive Like Jehu. Their delivery is actually a lot faster than most of Drive Like Jehu’s stuff, recalling At The Drive In’s more spastic stuff. The vocalist is a standout for the band, which is strange — singers of melodic math/emo bands are typically boring and uninspired. This vocalist, however, can both sing and scream well, and he does so with a focused, yet reckless abandon.

The entire album isn’t all flailing limbs and destructive time changes, however. The gorgeous and lush “Impulse Response” reminds me of Karate’s first record (before they overdosed on jazz records). The song follows the lead of looping, laid back bass lines, as beautiful guitars twinkle and sparkle tranquil melodies.

With six songs, and at over half an hour long, Future Anterior never even hints at being dull. Take everything that’s exciting about punk rock, add sincerity and spasms, and you’ll have an idea of the feeling of this record!

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