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“Say, Bo?”

“Yes, Billy?”

“Let’s make a record of Cole Porter songs.”

“Good idea. Hard to go wrong. From Frank Sinatra and the Reprise Musical Repertory Theatre to the Red, Hot and Blue album, many artists have done fine things covering his cool, romantic• but say, Billy?”

“Yes, Bo?”

“Should we use vocal arrangements that make it clear the singers have at least heard the songs once or twice before?”

“I don’t see why. Most of our listeners won’t know the difference anyway. We wanna go for that chill out, smooth jazz crowd, they’re not gonna want much of the elegant fire of Porter’s best work. Let’s just take the standards and slice and dice ‘em up into something different.”

“Beautiful. Make sure we use exactly that phrasing in the press release.”

“I’m way ahead of you.”

“Do you suppose there’s a chance anyone will mistake our irreverent reverence for the work of Cole Porter for preternaturally bland non-music?”

“Nah. Not if the whole CD is as good as Charles Afton’s vibe-heavy instrumental of “Be A Clown.” Or all the vocals as good as Brooke Bartlett’s on “You Do Something To Me.”

“And if they’re not?”

“Then we’re screwed.”

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