After the Order

After the Order

Stop Rock N’ Roll

After the Order has been around for about half a decade and they are still growing musically. On their latest EP, Stop, Rock N’ Roll, they continue to follow in Hoobastank’s footsteps. On Hoobastank’s first record they concentrated on catchy pop-rock with a hook that could reel in almost anybody. Tear-Stained World, After the Order’s debut, focused on the same catchy melodies and added introspective lyrics that made for a highly enjoyable listen. Stop, Rock N’ Roll takes on a harder rock edge, similar to Hoobastank’s The Reason while still incorporating the hooks and melodies for which both bands are known.

If there is one problem with this EP it’s that there are six songs and three have to do with falling. “Falls Apart,” “Fall” and “Be There” all incorporate falling of some sort into the chorus. (It’s like listening to a one of those dreams where you are falling into nothingness. It’s a little strange.)

That being said, this is still an EP worth listening to. “Falls Apart” starts it off with a guitar hook that you can’t help but get into, with lead singer Luke Mills taking your eardrums and feeding them some good old-fashioned yells. “Be There” is another highly addictive track with a chorus that you will easily find yourself singing along with and not even realize.

After the Order is still maturing and this is just another step on the way. They are exploring their edgier side which is yielding better songs (unlike Hoobastank) and providing more experience to this up-and-coming band from Kearney, Nebraska. They are gaining a lot more exposure as they open for Switchfoot and Blues Traveler this summer which should significantly boost their already strong and loyal fan base.

After The Order:

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