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We All Have a Plan


As carefully crafted as possible, Slicker•s third release finds the band’s main man John Hughes III (yes, of that John Hughes lineage) reconfiguring his group to release one of the most organic-sounding electronic albums I•ve heard in a long time. At times soulful and sultry and at others downright funky, We All Have a Plan is uniformly delicious and occupies that middle ground best exemplified by St. Germain’s Tourist and the tracks found scattered throughout the Verve Remixed series; that is, a perfect blend of the organic and inorganic, found sounds and artful construction, the intellect and the heart, smooth enough to make you think AND move your feet. A large part of the credit goes to the contributors on this release. The added vocals from Dan Boadi, Lindsay Anderson, Khadijah Anwar, John Hughs and James Cromwell make this music positively soar, lending gravity and soulfulness to each track. Especially appealing are the vocals on •Knock Me Down Girl,• as they pass through a vocoder, and on “A Strong Donkey,” as Anderson, Boadi and Cromwell all take turns singing.

Of particular interest are the details present in the music. The bumps, hiss and crackles that Hughes lays down gradually appear on repeated listening, with something new constantly being presented to the listener. Additionally, the contributions of the musicians – saxophones, trombones, violins – create an album that is as fun to just listen to as it is to crank up and dance along with.

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