One typically wouldn’t think of a band with a name like “Soulfly” to be heavy, nasty and powerful. The word “soulfly” makes me think of hippies or jam rock or something like that. Silly name notwithstanding, Prophecy is a pile-driver of thick guitars and pounding drums from start to finish.

Soulfly is actually Max Cavalera’s (ex-Sepultura) band, and he features a different cast of musicians on each album. Prophecy includes former Soulfly drummer Joe Nunez, Bobby Burns of Primer 55, ex-Ill Nino guitarist Marc Rizzo and Danny Ellefson of Megadeth. The music they make is, for the most part, major label, big production metal, with lots of heavy drums and layered guitars. Cavalera’s voice is in fine form, and is still as intimidating as ever. The guitars are actually much cooler on this album than they have been in the past; there’s a certain sheen to them, especially on tracks like “Defeat U.”

This album is pretty solid, but it gets boring after the first few songs. “Mars” has a little Spanish guitar breakdown which is unnecessary and pointless. Fans of Sepultura will go nuts over this, though, as it’s similar to their Roots album in many ways. For me, though, I much prefer Sepultura’s early albums to this stuff.


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