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Into The Now


Tesla is one of the few bands to escape the wreckage of the hair metal-era relatively unscathed. That•s because they tended to focus more on the metal rather than the hair and had an honest work ethic together with some strong songs. The original line-up has reformed, and to be honest, I•m pleasantly surprised with the content of Into The Now.

The days of albums like Mechanical Resonance, Five Man Acoustical Jam and The Great Radio Controversy selling millions may be behind them, but Tesla has clearly retained elements of their original sound while embracing more modern influences, as the thumping duo of opener “Into The Now” and “Look @ Me” prove unequivocally with the use of samples and loops.

Inspired by 9/11, “Heaven Nine Eleven” is not one of the best songs written about that day•s horrific events, but there are some terrific, belting rockers in evidence here. “Got No Glory” dispels any myths people may have about wimpy ‘90’s bands, while “Mighty Mouse” builds to a crunching crescendo. The acoustic-based “Come To Me” slows the pace a little, while the album closes with the moody ballad “Only You.”

Tesla will still struggle to overcome anti-hair prejudice, but anyone who takes the time to listen to Into The Now will be rewarded with a solid, satisfying rock record which appropriately brings the band into the now.

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