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Nap Attack

Nap Attack

Chose Your Own Adventure EP


When Dick Dale played a whole song on one guitar string, everyone got excited. When Nap Attack does it, the effect is much more diluted. This sounds to me like a guitar or two, a drum kit and a musical sensibility more in tune with an indie film soundtrack than anything else. There IS a complicated string of notes, with time signatures that fly all over the place, sort of like what Yes used to get away with back in the paleo days of high concept rock and roll.

This five-song EP has five very similar-sounding songs. They have cool names like “Castle Grayscale” and “I Imagined an Aeroplane was a Beautiful Woman,” but nothing here comes close to hummable. The sound isn’t objectionable, and a properly relaxed state of mind might make the whole experience of listening enlightening, but while driving around town with this in the CD player, I just got madder and madder at traffic and at the disc. Not fair, I admit, but one must listen to these records when one can, and take back an impression to report. Nap Attack: nicely weird, but not the sort of thing that aims for catchiness, and succeeds in missing it.

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